Who are we?

We are a group of busy parents who care deeply about our schools, our community, and our kids. Not only do we we bring the community together through fundraisers and events, we create lasting learning experiences your kids will love. And of course we have a lot of fun along the way!

parent-teacher-conferencePERKS OF MEMBERSHIP

Your support makes a difference. A big difference. No matter how big or small your contribution, it all matters.

In case that warm feeling of volunteering isn’t quite enough, there are financial perks to joining.

Companies like Staples, Hertz, AARP, Sylvan Insight, and more offer discounts to members of the PTA.

We bring the community together. We love a good get together. That’s why we find so many ways to bring our families and community together. This year we’ll roll the dice (and more) at casino night. We’ll hang out at restaurant nights. We’ll help bring our kids together at the spelling bee and book fairs. And we make sure memories are captured forever in the K-6 yearbook..


Part of (but not all of!) our mission is to augment the curriculum in ways that the budget cannot. Together we help give our kids experiences they would not have had otherwise.

We heard your feedback:

Raise money but have less fundraisers. PLEASE!

So, in 2016/17 we’ll have 4 fundraisers. Just 4. We are planning something for everyone:

  • For a fun adult night out we have casino night.
  • For the kids (and adults) we have the mixed bag designs.
  • For everyone we have restaurant nights.
  • For an easy contribution we have boxtops.


In an effort of true essentialism, we are changing the way we spend money too. Your words were clear:

Spend more on specialties and school wide enrichment.

Spend more time and money on causes like bullying awareness and response as well as drug intervention and education.

We heard you. This year we’ll fund the areas you asked us to.


Being a room parent is very rewarding. Being in the classroom gives you an insider’s view to your child’s experience at school. You work closely with your child’s teacher, other parents in the class, and the school.

There are two key responsibilities of a room parent:

1. Keep the teacher and parents informed about upcoming events and fundraisers.

2. Work with the teacher on classroom celebrations.

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