We need a president!

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Our president needs a co-president. By May 24.

After 3 years, it’s time for our president to gradually pass the fun to someone new. We’re looking for someone to co-lead the PTA. Someone who:

  • Is fun. And organized.
  • Is a creative problem solver.
  • Can facilitate a lively discussion.
  • Can delegate without overloading.
  • Wants to bring the schools and community together.
  • Wants to work collaboratively with the superintendent, principals, and other organizations.
  • Will give an hour (sometimes more, sometimes less) a week to the PTA.


Sound like you? Let’s talk (talking does not equal commitment!).

During the 2016/17 school year the incoming co-president will shadow our president, gradually assuming more responsibility as the year goes on. The following year, the person has the option to be the sole president or find a co-president. Either way, we have a team of people to help every step of the way.

Some (not all) of the president’s responsibilities include:

  • Finding new ways to bring the community and schools together.
  • Leading discussions on how to raise and distribute money.
  • Organizing and running executive board and general membership meetings (the VP helps!).
  • Meeting with the superintendent and principals.
  • Writing the weekly BLINK newsletter and posting on our Facebook page (shared responsibility with the VP).


Bonus: it’s a great resume builder!


We need to find the right person to become co-president by May 25. The PTA cannot continue without a president so not finding someone means the PTA dissolves. Which means the schools would lose ~$30,000 in incremental funding next year.

Leading the PTA is incredibly fulfilling and rewarding. You’ll meet people you might not otherwise meet. You can affect change. You’ll be “in” on what’s happening within the schools.

If we’ve piqued your interest even a little, let’s talk about the possibility.