The Change Project

A math challenge *and* a fundraiser all in one. The Change Project is a fun way to raise money for the schools and test math skills.

Last year we used a new format and our kids loved it. We’re expanding it to include more grades.


What do we win???

  • Winners earn extra recess
  • The school “wins” money that will fund STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, math) programs

Here’s how it works:

Each grade (except kindergarten – they’re included too, it just works differently) competes against another grade.

Pennies are “positive” points.
Silver coins are “negative” points.

Each grade will put pennies in their own jar and silver coins in their competition’s jar.


I’m in the first grade. I bring in 50 pennies. I put those 50 pennies in my grades jar, thereby earning my grade 50 points. My competition (the 2nd grade) puts a quarter in my jar. D’oh! I just lost 25 points.

Kindergarten classes will compete against each other for the most money raised. There are no positive or negative points. Just filling up jars of coins that all add up to someone winning.

We’ll report on progress each week in two ways:

  • A “thermometer” poster in the cafeteria so the kids can see who is in the lead
  • Each week in The Blink (not signed up? Email Jill at

The competitors are:

  • Grade 1 vs. Grade 2
  • Grade 3 vs. Grade 4
  • Grade 5 vs. Grade 6

The Change Project starts on March 1. It ends on April 1.

Children can choose to participate. Or not. There is absolutely no pressure for a student to contribute to the project.